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The EZ Whey & Emily Zaler Fitness 

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Welcome to the official website of Emily Zaler & The EZ Whey, where I will be keeping you up to date with the latest EZ Whey news, recipes, blogs, announcements, events, fitness tips, images, and videos. Make sure you check back every Wednesday, to view the EZ Whey Wednesday Recipe of The Week! Please check out the Web Store where you can purchase my cookbook: The EZ Whey, as well as customized nutrition and training plans! Stop by the guestbook while you are here, and feel free to leave me a comment! I love hearing from all of you with any feedback or questions you may have regarding all things training,nutrition, and recipes! Thanks again for taking the time to check out my site!



The EZ Whey Mission Statement:

"To educate and provide top quality nutrition, recipes, and training information whether you are a professional athlete or an every day person, while maintaining and working with unmatched integrity and passion."

Latest EZ Whey News: is honored to announce a partnership with Emily Zaler.

As a certified personal trainer, and sports nutritionist, Emily Zaler is a leader in the fitness industry. With healthy living and quality fitness as her goal, Emily has positioned herself as an expert in the field as the author of “The EZ Whey Cookbook”, a sought after magazine columnist on the topic of nutrition and as the owner of The EZ Whey, LLC.

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Wellness form Arizona State University, Emily was also named the 2010 Fitness Talent of the Year by FMI Events, 2010 Rising State of the Year and received the 2010 Reader’s Choice Award from World Physique Magazine. Emily is certainly an asset the

CEO and Founder of Foresee Fitness Enterprises, Clarence Moore, Jr. is honored to have the endorsement of such a fitness pioneer such as Emily Zaler. When Clarence was asked about the partnership with Emily Zaler, he stated, “ When envisioning the face of, I could not have imagined a better start for the company than an endorsement by Emily Zaler. It is an honor and privilege to have a partnership with such a fitness entrepreneur. Emily has welcomed us with open arms and is committed to helping Foresee Fitness succeed in our goal of promoting healthy lifestyles.”

Emily, as well, is excited about Foresee Fitness! When asked about her role, Emily stated, "I am truly honored to be representing Foresee Fitness. In a world where social media has taken over, it is about time that a fitness social networking site was created! Foresee Fitness has a great vision and I truly believe that it will help connect fitness professionals worldwide. Clarence has done a great job developing the brand and concept; it truly is a great fit with everything that I have going on with my brand, The EZ Whey." serves as the concierge for the health and fitness world. Clarence Moore designed a social media network that bridges the gap between individuals who want to improve their health and professionals in the health and fitness industry. Sign up and allow, change your way of life. 

To Join visit


You can visit Emily Zaler’s site and purchase her cookbook at

The EZ Whey & Emily Zaler Featured in Max Sports & Fitness Magazine April 2012! 



Make sure to stop by your local Max Muscle Store to check out the April Issue of Max Sports & Fitness Magazine, where the EZ Whey and Emily Zaler are featured in a nutrition and recipe article !

Get three great EZ Whey recipes in the issue!




Emily Zaler and The EZ Whey Featured in the LA TIMES!


Emily Zaler and The EZ Whey were featured in the LA Times Health Blog today! Since the article was posted, it has rapidly spread globally, and has been picked up by the Chicago Tribune, to the Baltimore Sun, to New York, to London, to Australia. It truly has gone viral! Check out the feature here: LA Times Feature




EZ Whey App Hits Itunes!

The EZ Whey App is Live in Itunes! Now available for Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod Touch! Click this link to take you to the App in the Itunes Store!









EZ Whey App Available Now for Android:

The EZ Whey App has launched! It is now available in the Android Market, If you are an Android User, be sure to check it out here: 



The app has 10 EZ Whey recipes, updated monthly! Also includes grocery lists, and a place to contact me directly. Check it out! 

Zaler Signs Endorsement Contract with SDC Nutrition !


Zaler Signs Endorsement Contract with SDC Nutrition

Zaler and The EZ Whey to enter a 1 year agreement with SDC Nutrition and About Time™ Protein.




Emily Zaler & The EZ Whey Featured in Oxygen Magazine

Check out Emily and The EZ Whey featured throughout  Oxygen Magazine August 2011 issue available on newstands everywhere July 19th.